Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Illuminati Signs & Symbols Around Us - Crescent

Some of you might bring about an argument saying that the Islamic crescent is also Satanic. First of all the crescent has nothing to do with Islam, even though Muslims use it thinking so. Islam has no symbol to identify itself.

The Crescent & Star were used by the Byzantine Empire. The Satanists had influenced the Byzantine rulers to use their symbols of Witchcraft & Satanism in everything related to the government including the flag.

When Constantinople was captured by the Usmaniya (Ottoman) Khilafah and the Byzantine rule ended, the Muslims started using (with a slight change in the star's angle) the Byzantine symbol.

Kamal Ata Turk, the founder father of Turkey, a Freemason (a cult coming under the Illuminati and a Dönmeh Jew in the guise of a Muslim) continued using the symbol. Other Muslim countries followed suite knowingly or unknowingly.


The symbol of witchcraft
is the other way around