Friday, October 21, 2011

Gaddafi and the Illuminati

Gaddafi was a Freemason (the right arm of the Illuminati). The Muslim label is only to fool the masses. The Illuminati used him as a pawn to achieve their goals and when they felt it was time for him to go, they selected other pawns. They are only interested in the game and not the pawns. There are many other examples of last moment abandonment: Napoleon, Hitler, Mugabe, Saddam, Mubarak, Ben Ali etc. They will do the same to the others.

He killed thousands of Libyans and oppressed many more during his reign of 42 years, according to the advises of his Illuminati masters mainly from Britain and Italy. He never stood for Islam but against it. His masters are worst than him.

The NATO opposed him only after the Arab revolution entered Libya. Gordon Brown had even sent christmas cards using Gaddafi's first name. Britain was selling arms to Gaddafi even at the beginning of 2011. They enjoyed warm relationships with Gaddafi and his sons including Saif Al Islam. Even while fighting against Gaddafi they welcomed his right hand man Moussa Koussa, the "defector".

Some proof that Gaddafi was a Mason (an arm of Illuminati)

(Illuminati numerology)