Friday, February 17, 2012

Subliminial Manipulation - TV and mind control

Watching television creates an altered state of consciousness, because the television screen, while appearing static, actually flickers. The human brain has a tendency to change its brainwaves frequency towards the frequency of a dominant external stimulus. Thus the frequency of flickering synchronizes your brainwaves to the frequency of alpha-state—a state of "daydreaming" where you are the most receptive to mental programming. The same phenomena happens while you listen to music. Music, as every form of sound, has certain frequency, which will tune your brainwaves to it.

Television is a number one mind controlling device which has infiltrated nearly every household in the world in a disguise of entertainment medium. While your mind is being distracted by whatever is on TV, extremely fast changing images and sub-audible signals introduce messages and commands to your subconsciousness. Hypnotic mind control - this is the only reason that television was created for. It doesn't really matter what channel or program you watch, (even Discovery or National Geographic channels) it programs your mind. They even tell you what they are doing - a TV program. Just think about the word "program".

It is estimated that an average North American child spends about 11,000 hours in classrooms through grammar, junior high, and senior high schools. During this same period, however, the child will receive over 25,000 hours of TV loaded with subliminal techniques.