Thursday, September 1, 2011

Introduction !

Today ! Mankind is possessed with ennui and malaise, and worst of all, fears. Perhaps these conditions explain the rash of suicides, the campus murders, the weariness, the failure to act on others’ behalf, the inertia and apathy, and the near lack of humanism. Simply ! We see chaos everywhere. Have we ever considered why we see and hear them everyday?

We Muslims simply tend to blame the ordinary Jews, Christians or others not knowing that the same plotters are working against the whole human race for the betterment of a handful. Insha Allah ! This blog is to awaken the Muslim ummah and to warn all those Non-Muslims under the grasp of them. We should all unite against this common enemy and stop them by all possible means.

Dajjalis, Satanists, Illuminati (the most powerful of them who control all the others), Freemasons, Jesuits, Anti-Messiahs, Knights Templar, Occulists, Luciferians, the Inner Circle, the Elitists, the Powers or any other name.

They have 7 main goals:

* Abolition of all national governments (Khilafah included).
* Abolition of all religions (other religions have been isolated from politics, Islam has become the main threat) except Satanism.
* Abolition of the family.
* Abolition of private property (to make the non-elites their slaves).
* Abolition of inheritance by high inheritance taxes.
* Abolition of patriotism.
* Creation of the world government (New World Order) under the United Nations controlled by the Illuminati.

They plan and organize behind closed doors to bring about their global governance, or the New World Order (NWO) or one-world government. To do this, they must push every country to its knees so that the citizenry cannot fight back. USA (created by the Illuminati) is the stage for them to do this.

They employ a slate of techniques to establish the NWO, but behind each of these methods is one basic practice: To instill fear in the masses so that we will rely on the government for safety and protection, and thus yield our rights and freedoms in the process.